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Saudi-Led Coalition Reportedly Intercepts Houthis’ Drone Launched Towards Khamis Mushait

Saudi Arabia with several other arab states intervened in the Yemeni civil war in 2015 after the country’s president-in-exile, Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, requested support in conflict with the Houthi armed opposition group.

The Saudi-led military coalition, fighting in Yemen, said in prevented another armed drone attack, conducted by the Yemeni movement, state TV reported on Thursday.

The explosives-laden drone was reportedly fired towards the Saudi south-western city of Khamis Mushait after Houthis attacked the same area for the second consecutive day, according to Saudi Arabia’s reports.

The armed opposition group allegedly continues bombarding the kingdom’s south areas, reportedly targeting infrastructure and other crutial facilities, as a response to coalotion’s armed operations.

In March, he kingdom offered ceasefire, peacefull talks restart and partial removal of the blokade, imposed on Yemeni transport nodes. Houthi representatives slammed the initiatice, insisting that blockade should be removed totaly as open ports and airports are “humanitarian right and should not be used as a pressure tool.”

Saudi-led coalition provides military support to the Yemeni government in exile since 2015 after being invited by president Hadi. The Yemen’s civil war between government forces and the armed Houthi political opposition started in 2014. Houthis, which are largely based in the north of the country, on the Saudi border, demand broader autonomy and representation in government.

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