‘Fix the Problem You Created’: Biden Slammed for Thanking Migrants for ‘Choosing US’ in Video

As the administration of Joe Biden has come under fire for the crisis unfolding on the US-Mexico border, which is heaving under a historic influx of illegal migrants, the current POTUS released a video message, typically played at the end of naturalization ceremonies, after new citizens take the oath of allegiance.

As the US-Mexico border witnesses what has been termed “a humanitarian catastrophe” due to Joe Biden’s reversal of his predecessor Donald Trump’s key immigration policies, the President has released a video thanking newly naturalised citizens for choosing his country.

​Seemingly unperturbed by recent images showing unaccompanied minors crammed in tiny “pods” at overcrowded US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) detention centres, Biden gushed over the migrants’ “sacrifice”.

“You all have one thing in common – courage. The courage it takes to sacrifice and make this journey. The courage to leave your homes, your lives, your loved ones, and come to a nation that is more than just a place but rather an idea. You have earned a new title equal to that of an American president, the title I’m most proud of — citizen,” said the 46th POTUS.

Biden, who has been called out for his Mexican border policies by Republican politicians, including the governor of Texas, said in the video that the new citizens have earned “a new title equal to that of an American president,” adding:

“The title I’m most proud of, citizen, citizen of the United States of America.” 

The message comes as US authorities apprehended over 171,000 migrants at the border with Mexico in March, according to preliminary data shared with Reuters, in a highest monthly tally in two decades.

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